Quick Guide
Make sure that the engine and transmission of the vehicle are working properly
- Use diagnosis tool to read fault codes of the engine and transmission
- Checking logs is recommended before and after chiptuning Especially if you're not sure in vehicle's conditions
- Checking of cooling and boost system is recommended before chiptuning
- Dynamics measuring is recommended before and after chiptuning
Send us the STOCK file from the car and all necessary information
- The file must be uploaded from the 'master' version of your tool
- Include as much information as possible in the message along with the file sent to us (make, model, year, engine displacement or index, control unit model, device used, type of reading, software changes required)
- All cars with MG1/MD1 ECU we highly recommend to read and write in bench mode
Proceed the payment
- Payment methods: Visa / PayPal / Crypto
Load modified software to the ECU
- When flashing via OBD it is necessary to connect the charger to the electrical system of the car
- When flashing via bench mode be careful with all tools and connections. 

Restart the car several times
Erase the errors that occurred
Test the car on the road or on the dynostand
- In case of doubt about engine malfunctions during tests, check the logs and the errors of the engine and gearbox units and tell us about it
We will be grateful if you write us about the results, your impressions and send us pictures of the car